Benefits Of Serviced Apartments vs Hotel

Benefits Of Serviced Apartments vs Hotel

What factors do you take into account in selecting your holiday accommodation? Finding a place that is not only affordable but also flexible enough to comfortably accommodate your family or friends may be very challenging. Think about the advantages of staying in a serviced apartment as opposed to traditional hotels when choosing where to stay in the United Kingdom. Consider these advantages of serviced apartments vs. hotels before making a reservation.


The space available is the most evident distinction between a hotel and a serviced apartment. No matter how opulent either bathroom or bedroom may be, hotel rooms often only have a little amount of space. Additionally, only two or three people are allowed to share a hotel room’s one small bedroom. In addition to having the option of a one- or two-bed suite, serviced apartments also provide a kitchen and dining room, corridor, and storage, but the shared living area with a TV, plush sofas, and lots of space for socializing is the most significant feature.


The amenities offered by each are a key consideration in the argument between hotels and serviced apartments. A hotel often has a bathroom, a lobby area, and perhaps a restaurant or spa. Depending on the purpose of your visit, the amenities in a serviced apartment are varied but equally useful. We may not provide restaurant amenities, but our serviced apartments include a fully equipped, private kitchen and dining space, you can cook anything you like when you like it but also keep food and beverages. If you need assistance or guidance on the area’s amenities, our helpful team is always on-site to assist you. Think of us as your home away from home.


The price of accommodation, which generally makes up the major cost of the trip, can limit our options for destinations. This is particularly true when traveling as a family or group because booking additional hotel rooms will increase the price by two to three times. When we travel, we all want to get the best deal possible, but we don’t want to sacrifice security, location, or safety. When compared to a regular hotel, we provide excellent value when you choose a serviced apartment stay, particularly one in one of our PREMIER SUITES locations. You still get the extras that hotels typically offer, such as amenities, fresh linens, and room service.


While hotels may be perfect for short stays and weekend getaways, staying in the same room for more than a few nights can seem confining and constricting. If you’re traveling for business, you’ll need a place to stretch out so you can work comfortably, eat when you want, and a place to relax when you need a break from work. We all understand how much space a family or young children need when traveling. With a serviced apartment, you have the independence, room, and flexibility to comfortably accommodate your complete family for however long you need. Additionally, since you don’t have to eat out every meal, cooking for yourself provides you some financial and gastronomic independence.

In conclusion, serviced flats and apartments are ideal for bigger groups of travelers, such as extended families or friends traveling together. They are useful for anyone staying for an extended period of time and are perfect for solo travelers who want to cook their own food and do their own washing. Considering the financial advantage of renting and the many underlying benefits that result from it, apartment rentals are a great choice for a great home.

In summary, serviced apartments offer the following benefits:

  • Larger Spaces — Unlike hotel rooms, serviced apartments have much more room, allowing larger groups to have pockets of space for peace.
  • Full-fledged Facilities — With a complete range of kitchen and laundry facilities, you can cook freely and do laundry whenever you want. Being able to cook will bring down your meal costs during your stay.
  • Homely Feel — Designed to mimic your home, a serviced suite may be more pleasurable to spend hours and even days in.
  • Lower Cost Per Night — If you intend to stay for five or six nights or more, a serviced apartment may be more cost-effective than a hotel stay. 

Accommodating Pets — Some service apartments may allow you to bring your pets along during your staycation. While hotels have strict rules about pets, some serviced apartments allow small pets on their premises.

All set for your accommodation of choice? If you wish to stay in a service apartment and need help in planning your business trip, an overseas holiday, or a local staycation, the teams at Aisiki Accommodation are more than happy to help you. 

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