Your Well-Being is Our Top Priority

Sanitized apartments and a clean environment are two of the things that we promise our guests. We, at Aisiki Accommodation Ltd., are committed to providing our guests with an experience that is not only excellent but clean and safe as well.

Our new initiatives entitled #AisikiCares as we carefully tailor them in compliance with the UK sanitary accommodations guidelines and restrictions. We design these initiatives to keep our guests safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Cleaning and Sanitation Process for Aisiki Accommodation Apartments

Cleanliness, safety and the well-being of our guests are always the top priority at Aisiki Accommodation. As such, we have a cleaning and sanitization process in place as recommended by the Public Health England (PHE) to prevent the spread of CoronaVirus (COVID-19).

Cleaning Inspection Standards

We follow the cleaning and inspection requirements outlined in COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings outside the home. A free of sanitation complaint accommodation and well-sanitized apartments is the goal to keep guests safe and healthy.

Protective Gear

All housekeepers and inspectors will wear protective masks and gloves when cleaning rentals.

Sanitization of ALL Bedding & Linens

All our serviced apartments use standardized linens, bedding and towels. All linens and towels will be removed, sanitized and laundered between guest arrivals. Protective pillow covers are cleaned and sanitized for additional safety. (If guests are concerned, they may want to bring their own pillows for added protection.)

Extended Time Between Guest Check-Ins for Sanitization & Cleaning

We conduct a 24-hour disinfection period between each departure and arrival. Upon guest departure, rentals are stripped of ALL linens, bedding, and towels and sprayed with a disinfectant within three hours. Housekeeping crews will clean and sanitize the rental apartment. Cleaners will also disinfect door handles, light switches, and remote controls while surveying the property to ensure rentals are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected before the next guest arrival.

Re-wash Dishes

Housekeepers will re-wash all dishes, plates, glasses, coffee cups and silverware, between guest arrivals. (Guests who are concerned may wish to re-wash pots and pans or utensils before use).

Complimentary Items

Unused tea bags, coffees, and sugar will be disposed of after each check-out and replenished with new ones.

All contracts will be signed electronically before arrival, and enhanced direct check-in procedures will allow guests to check in immediately to their apartment.

Stays Beyond 7 Days

Direct Check-In

Upon booking, we will confirm your cleaning arrangements. There are usually 3 options:

Option 1: Regular cleaning provided at an agreed timeline.

Option 2: You do your own cleaning, and we will provide extra linen and cleaning products.

Option 3: For foreign guests who require self-isolating, we will not clean the apartment during the UK stipulated self-isolation period. During this period, you shall do your cleaning. We will provide extra linen and cleaning products. Afterwards, we can revert to Option 1 above.

#AisikiCares: Aisiki Accommodation Ltd. Initiative about Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleanliness and sanitation are essential in many areas of business, including the service accommodations industry.

Sanitized apartments and cleaning procedures, especially now in the pandemic, play a vital role in every service accommodation business.

There are not many other industries where the standard of cleanliness is an integral part of the experience, but in a service accommodation industry, a significant chunk of repeat business relies on fulfilling the high expectations in the apartments’ cleanliness and environment.

Our initiative titled #AisikiCares covers the cleanliness and sanitization process of our apartments for our guests. With the well-being of our guests being one of our top priorities, we want to ensure that all guests are relaxing and enjoying while feeling safe during their stay.

During this pandemic, we exerted a lot of effort in scheming a cleaning and sanitization initiative. Even after all the restrictions are lifted and demand for travel returns, we are prepared for giving the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation. We want our guests to build their trust in us and overcome their fear of contracting the virus.

We at Aisiki Accommodation Ltd. have taken into serious consideration the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide since the beginning of the year 2020. As we navigate this pandemic and adjust to the new normal, our hearts and thoughts are with everyone affected worldwide. We comply with the UK government’s protocols to ensure everyone’s safety because of #AisikiCares.