We all need a vacation

We All Really Need a Vacation. Here’s How to Make the Most of It.

Taking time away from work and obligations is especially vital after two years of so much upheaval, loss, and anxiety. Rest and time away improve resilience, allowing people to cope better with the unavoidable setbacks at work. It gives people a new perspective that can help them discover new answers to difficulties and allows them to pursue other life goals.

Planning your holiday carefully will help you reap the most benefits. To begin, plan at least a week ahead of time, roughly three months in advance. Second, make plans to travel somewhere other than your house. Third, schedule a few mental health days, either to extend your weekend or to give yourself a break throughout the week. Finally, notify your clients and coworkers in advance of your absence.

Most of us desire a change of scenery, and studies show that holidays are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Rest and time away improve resilience, allowing people to cope better with the unavoidable setbacks at work. It provides perspective, allowing people to see new solutions to problems and allowing them to pursue other life goals such as spending time with family and traveling across the world.

As many parts of the world return to a new normal, it is important to remind yourself not only that you should use your vacation time, but also to make the most of it.

Plan ahead if you can

Because of the many interruptions caused by the pandemic, it was difficult (or impossible) to plan ahead, but if conditions are improving, plan your vacation at least three months ahead of time. Construal-level theory research shows that when objects are far away in time, you think about them more abstractly than when they are close. That means that the closer your upcoming trip approaches, the less likely you are to take it.

From that three-month distance, you’ll be able to focus on how much you want to make the vacation as enjoyable as possible. Then when the trip nears, you’ll shift to thinking about logistics, like things at work you’ll miss and tasks you’ll need to delegate.

Take at least a week

Taking at least a week off is important because it can take a day or two to forget about your email, projects, coworkers, and other obligations. Being gone for a week or more also allows you to have numerous days where you know you’ll be on vacation the next day. This permits you to unwind, knowing that the holiday isn’t over yet.

Go somewhere — anywhere

If you can, take advantage of your time off by getting away from home — and as many of your other duties as possible. There are likely many people that rely on you, but it’s critical to set apart some time where you don’t have to make many decisions. Even if it’s just to a local bed and breakfast or serviced apartments, getting out of the house helps. Staycations are cost-effective, but they leave you with a constant reminder of your professional obligations. Your home office will be visible. You will notice sections of your home that require cleaning or repair. Out of sight, out of mind refers to how your surroundings influence what you recall from memory. Physical distance will allow you to think more abstractly about work and other duties.

Put your phone down

Reduce the number of times you interact with technology by making a trip schedule on paper rather than on your phone. The temptation to check business emails or Slack channels will be reduced as a result. If you have access to your phone, turn off all work-related notifications before leaving. Some folks even choose to delete all work-related apps from their phone.

Don’t forget one-off personal days

During the epidemic, all of the extra wasted vacation time included personal days. You can also recharge by taking a long weekend or taking a break in the midst of the week. If you can, arrange them in advance, much like your larger trips, so you don’t keep putting them off.

Consider spending half of your days off on yourself and the other half on your other duties. You may go to a spa, go shopping, or go for a long bike ride to do something just for you. You might also plan something with your partner or a friend and accomplish it together. A day off might help you clear your mind as well as deepen your connection.

Taking that vacation is actually good for your health.

What is it about going “on vacation” that makes us feel better, lowers stress, and allows us to live more fully? Scientific research has confirmed what many of us already know: we all need some time away from the office, no matter where we are in the world. 

Even if you don’t go on a vacation, preparing one can help you relax. One may feel an immediate mental ‘lift’ or improvement in mood. The ‘restoration process’ when you take a vacation is also called ‘recovery’ – overcoming the negative effects of working too much. Recovery occurs as a result of being free of employment demands as well as engaging in self-selected and pleasurable hobbies. Stress hormones might surge when you’re continuously on the go and under pressure, affecting your health. This may result in more colds, headaches, and being sick more frequently, depending on the individual. You can help restore your health by relaxing, sleeping, and eating appropriately.

Your UK Staycation

Taking a holiday abroad isn’t always easy. They’re expensive, time-consuming, and it’s nearly hard to decide where to go. Do you prefer the sun, the sea, or the snow? Also, leaving the UK has become considerably more difficult. With the aftermath of the Pandemic, additional requirements like swab tests or Antigen Tests may be required for incoming tourists.

The good news is that there has never been a better time to visit Watford, London, and Luton, in the United Kingdom. Many new exciting places have since popped-up to satisfy the need for some new experience. It’s also a great time to visit some classic spots and sceneries and add perspective in view of the changing times.

UK Staycation Ideas

Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest Near Watford:

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  • Warner Brothers Studios – visit the magical world of Harry Potter. Just a 25-minute bus ride from Market Place (Stop H).
  • Cassiobury Park – With 190 acres of green space to explore, it’s the most extensive public open space in Watford and is full of activities and areas that make the most of the outdoors. This park has two cafes, two outdoor gyms, two children’s playgrounds and a miniature railway that operates on weekends and during the school holidays in good weather. It is 10 minutes away from our 3 bedroom flats in Watford.
  • Topgolf Watford – visit this leisure centre to experience a high-tech golf game experience. You can even indulge in delicious food and drinks brought to you while you play, or you can grab a comfy booth in our restaurant and enjoy your meal inside. Our 3 bedroom apartment Watford will only take a 34-minute bus ride to get there via Radlett Road.
  • Oxhey Activity Park – A cutting edge skate park, a new café, a bike trail, an adventure playground and new habitats aimed at improving biodiversity are just some of the features of the new space designed for children and adults to enjoy. Just 21 minutes in transit to get to this place from our flats in Watford.
  • Cheslyn House and Gardens – A 3.5-acre park with dog-friendly paths, sculptures & an aviary, plus a pond, exotic plants and benches. From our apartment, it will take 18 minutes to get there.
  • Watford Palace Theatre – A 4 minutes walk away from our 3 bedroom flats in Watford. This theatre is the home of great drama, comedy, outdoor arts and more in Watford. The 600-seat theatre houses its own rehearsal room, wardrobe, cafe and bar.
  • Bushey Rose Garden – A beautiful award-winning garden divided into three sections consisting of the Sunken Garden, the Lawn and the Rose Walk. You will see more than 40 different varieties of roses and over 4000 different plants. This garden is just a 22-minute bus trip from our apartment.
  • Watford Museum – a local museum in Watford, 12-minutes walking distance from our 3 bedroom flats Watford. Telling the story of Watford past and present, the museum has displays of local history, industry and archaeology.
  • St. Mary’s Church – A 6 minutes walk away from our Watford apartments. Thought to be at least 800 years old, the church is the parish church of Watford and is part of the Anglican Diocese of St Albans.
  • Rickmansworth Aquadrome – visit this serene and beautiful 41 hectares public park and Local Nature Reserve. Just a 39-minutes bus ride from Market Street (Stop G).
  • Bhaktivedanta Manor – this is the London temple for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Still, both the house and its restful gardens are open for visits, yoga classes, talks, vegetarian cooking classes and an array of retreats. Just 40-minutes in transit from our Watford apartments.
  • Parents Paradise – A 23-minutes walk away from our Watford apartments, this indoor play centre has a bounce pad, slides, climbing nets and electric go-karts for children between the ages of five and eleven. There is also a toddler play area and a designated zone for babies under 18 months. There’s also a cafe serving nutritionally balanced meals and catering to children with egg, gluten and nut allergies.

Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest Near London:

We All Really Need a Vacation. Here’s How to Make the Most of It.
  • Wembley Stadium – The famous stadium with 90,000 seating capacity where there are plenty of shops, concerts, crusades, live sporting events and much more.
  • Windsor Castle – The largest and oldest occupied castle in the world. It is a 1-hr drive from one of our best apartments in Finchley.
  • British Museum – 40 minutes away from our serviced apartment, this museum is one of the world’s largest and most important museums of human history and culture.
  • London Eye – also known as the Millennium Wheel, is Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel and is the most popular tourist attraction in the United Kingdom. The 45 minutes travel time from one of our best apartments in Finchley is worth it when you visit London Eye.
  • Buckingham Palace – Just like Windsor Castle, is owned by the reigning monarch in right of the crown. If you are a fan of the Royal family, the Palace is less than an hour drive from one of our best apartments in Finchley.
  • Hyde Park – this is one of the 8 royal parks in the Greater London area, and covers over 350 acres, with a network of paths linking gardens, sculptures, fountains, and historic sites. The park is half an hour away from our North Finchley Apartments.
  • Warner Brothers Studios – visit the magical world of Harry Potter. Via M1, this is just a 32-minute drive ride from one of our best apartments in Finchley.
  • Big Ben – another famous London attraction known for its time accuracy and massive bell. It’ll take less than an hour to get to Big Ben from our serviced apartment.
  • Bond Street – Here you have the famous Selfridges, Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. Thousands of shops and restaurants are available depending on individual preferences.
  • Trafalgar Square – less than an hour away from one of our best apartments in Finchley, this iconic square features some of London’s top attractions, from galleries and historic buildings to statues and monuments. There are also restaurants and cafes around the area.

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