Why Contractors May Choose Serviced Accommodations over Hotels

Why Contractors May Choose Serviced Accommodations over Hotels

Professionals often find themselves travelling for work, far from the comforts of home and family. It can be very challenging to find suitable serviced accommodations that meets the specific needs of these dedicated individuals. Here comes Aisiki Accommodation, which is completely changing the way businesses book accommodations for their staff members. What sets us apart from the others, though? Let us examine the benefits.

For time-pressed professionals in particular, time is an invaluable resource. Users of Aisiki Accommodation can easily manage their reservations while on the road. You can easily manage your reserved lodging and make new inquiries right from your phone, whether you’re in a cab heading to a job location or taking a quick coffee break. Without interfering with your everyday schedule, this seamless solution guarantees that you are always in charge of your accommodations. Your effort can be further reduced by designating lead guests and granting them access.

If you work contract hours or frequently travel for work, a serviced apartment is a great alternative if you need a temporary place to stay. You probably don’t want to spend those weeks living in a hotel room.

What Is Serviced Accommodations?

A completely furnished and functional flat is referred to as a serviced apartment. They come with everything you need, including bedding and towels, and all the appliances and utensils you need.

Living in a serviced apartment affords you greater autonomy and adaptability compared to lodging in a hotel. With a kitchen in a serviced apartment, you may prepare meals on your own and are not constrained by the hours of breakfast or hotel rooms.

Who Are Serviced Apartments For?

Serviced apartments cater to a diverse range of individuals, offering a flexible accommodation solution that goes beyond the conventional hotel stay. Primarily, business travelers find serviced apartments to be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to hotels, providing a home-like atmosphere during extended stays. These apartments are equipped with fully furnished kitchens, living spaces, and amenities, making them ideal for professionals who seek a comfortable and functional space to work and relax.

Serviced accommodations also appeal to contractors and project teams working on short to medium-term assignments. Contractors often require accommodations that offer more than just a place to sleep; they need a temporary home that supports their work routines. Serviced apartments provide the ideal balance between comfort and functionality, meeting the unique needs of contractors who may require extended stays in a location. With the flexibility to cook meals, entertain guests, and maintain a sense of routine, serviced apartments emerge as a versatile option for those seeking a home away from home, whether for business or personal reasons.

If you work a tough job, you most likely want to unwind at home after a long day. You may come home to a comfortable, well-furnished area where you can relax when you stay in a serviced apartment.

Why Relaxing After Work Is Important?

Being able to differentiate between one’s personal and professional lives is essential. You have to set boundaries and limits because it’s too easy to let work creep into and consume your free time. It’s vital to relax following a demanding workday. Taking a pause can help the brain relax and rejuvenate, enabling you to perform more effectively and efficiently.

A good night’s sleep is among the finest methods to unwind and recharge after a long day of work. For the body to be able to function properly and for us to be effective in our daily responsibilities, we need at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Our flats at Aisiki Accommodation are furnished with soft, comfy beds and new, cosy bedding to give you the restful night’s sleep you need and the energy you need to perform at your peak.

Why Should Contract Workers Consider Serviced Accommodation?

Contract workers frequently have to travel to work on construction sites. Consequently, finding hotel accommodations for them during their work travels may prove to be challenging or unaffordable.

A contract worker who must travel frequently and spend extended periods of time away from home ought to look for comfortable lodging. Most importantly, one that is as close to their place of employment as feasible and at a fair price.

All of these requirements might appear to be very clear-cut and easy to meet. But if you’ve ever attempted to do so as a contractor—or even just as a traveller —you are aware of the difficulties in finding a reasonably priced location to stay. The growing demand for catered rooms has given rise to a rapidly expanding alternative to expensive hotels.

Compared to other types of temporary accommodation, the serviced apartment subsector in Europe has grown at a faster rate in recent years. According to the ASAP (Association of Serviced Accommodation Providers), the demand for serviced apartments is rising rapidly on a global scale as more tourists—both business and leisure—realise the benefits of this thriving industry.

As the market expands, businesspeople and contract workers are selecting serviced flats more frequently.

There are many different designs, sizes, and features available for serviced apartments. The freedom, flexibility, and space to spend your vacation anyway you like is, in our opinion, the biggest advantage for travelers who choose this type of lodging.

A serviced apartment and a hotel room are not the same thing. Even while you’re away from home, serviced apartments are furnished and equipped to make you feel at home. They also offer a variety of amenities comparable to those found in high-end hotels.

Apart from being more affordable, serviced apartments often have significantly larger spaces than standard hotel rooms. A serviced apartment’s size could double.

Serviced apartments are becoming more and more popular among contractors for a number of reasons, such as:

Catered to the Needs of Working Professionals

Long-term work assignments away from home might be intimidating. Aisiki Accommodation specialises in offering lodging specifically designed to meet the requirements of professionals and contractors. The days of generic hotel rooms are long gone, as Aisiki Accommodation makes-grammar sure you have a functional, cosy area that feels like home away from home. All of the amenities in the lodgings are designed to fit your lifestyle, from a fully functional kitchen to a cosy lounge area for unwinding after a hard day.


Generally speaking, serviced apartments are 10–30% less expensive than hotel rooms—especially if you book directly with us. In addition, essential appliances like washers are included in serviced apartments. This allows contractors to save money rather than having to pay more for these services at a hotel.

Proven Customer Retention & Trust

Aisiki Accommodation has developed a devoted clientele as a result of its dedication to providing high-quality services. We take great satisfaction in establishing enduring connections with our clients and have a track record of successful customer retention. You can trust that Aisiki Accommodation puts your comfort first because of their stellar 5-star Google reviews.

Stress-Free Convenience for Professionals

Making hotel reservations is frequently a difficult and time-consuming process. By relieving you of this load, Aisiki Accommodation lets you concentrate on your primary duties. Confident that your lodging is adequately taken care of, you may focus your energies on achieving success in your day job by leaving your accommodation needs to the professionals.


For contract workers, serviced flats offer the best access to job sites. In a small town, for example, the nearest motel can be several miles distant from the work area. Furthermore, as industrial towns are not popular with tourists, there might not be enough motels in the area for contractors.


If you want to live alone, with friends, family, or coworkers, there are reasonably priced options for all your needs in serviced accommodation. Serviced apartments come in a variety of sizes, from studio apartments to five-bedroom homes. However, this isn’t always the case with hotels, which can be pricey for individuals or groups traveling.

In conclusion, Aiski Accommodation’s serviced accommodation bookings are revolutionary for companies of all kinds. Online booking is a vital tool for people who value efficiency, comfort, and convenience because it manages reservations while on the go and offers personalised, stress-free convenience, streamlined pricing, and a wide host network. You can improve your business trip experience and concentrate on what really counts—your career success—by using Aisiki Accommodation.


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